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One such example is sugar. OK, we may all like the energy boost provided by eating foods containing refined sugar, Nootromins however everyone knows that this boost is short was kept. In fact not long after consuming sugary foods we will quickly feel a little sluggish. Whilst we may all recognize this feeling in our body, we could possibly not spot how the keyboard affected our cognitive tasks. Our focus, concentration and memory will all deal with constant peaks and troughs in our blood sugar levels. Other foodstuffs such as trans and saturated fats can have much the same effect, a slowing up of both our body's and our mind systems and procedures. Avoid trans fats. Foods like doughnuts, crackers, and chips raise levels of bad Cholesterol levels Brain Booster Reviews in shape. This narrows blood vessels, blocking the flow of oxygenated, energy-rich blood cells throughout the body.

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